Otaleg – Monteverde

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ITA: Definiti ‘Filosofi del gelato’, negli anni hanno creato una nuova esperienza emozionale
ENG: Called ‘Ice Cream Philosophers,’ over the years they have created a new emotional experience:

Viale dei Quattro Venti, 70
00152 Roma (Italy)

Area/District: Monteverde Vecchio

Web: www.otaleg.com

Tel:(+39) 338 651 5450

Email: info@otaleg.com

Orari/Opening Hours:
lunedì/Monday 08:30–22:30
martedì/Tuesday 08:30–22:30
mercoledì/Wednesday 08:30–22:30
giovedì/Thursday 08:30–22:30
venerdì/ 08:30–22:30
sabato/Saturday 09–23
domenica/Sunday 09–23

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