Radici – pizzicheria salentina

Food Shop with typical products from the Apulia region (Puglia). A place where you can shop for typical south of Italy products and a place where you can stop and eat at any time of the day, given the continuous opening hours. The offer is mainly savoury, with pucce, rustici and focacce (flatbreads) as the main protagonists.

Mio Tramezzino

“Mio Tramezzino” (Trad. My Sandwich) offers every day more than 40 different types of soft tramezzino sandwiches (Shaped triangular smooth bread without crust) from Tuna and Tomato Classics to Vegan with Mayonnaise Soy Milk to get Extra Gourmet as Parmigiana, Tuna to Trapanese.
Why do not you taste our proposals? If you have read this message (through Facebook), the first time you come to our shop you will be recognized a 15% discount on the purchase price of our exceptional sandwiches.


Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant & buffet
Buffet, just choose food and then it will be weighed (€ 26 per kg.), so the cost of the meal depends on the weight if you have a lot of hunger is not a cheap restaurant.
For dinner prices not just for everyone but still average.
The wine list can be improved.