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Foodies10Best was founded with the aim of helping tourists and generally people to orientate in the city they are visiting, to let them live the best culinary experience possible, offering reliable information, verified periodically by a local expert.

This information can be found either on the Internet, also with mobile devices, or through a handy App for iPhone and iPad, downloadable from the Apple Store. An Android version will be available soon.

The form is the ranking one because they are immediate, easy to understand and direct. They usually do not have much time to read the general descriptions and to be able to visit all the best local places reported for each category.

The local places classifications are in alphabetical and geographical order and not by preference. The differences are minimal and constantly evolving: you have the chance to choose the provider, the chef and much more… Be sure to try one of the 10 best restaurants in the city and please send us feedback!

For each city we have chosen as curators, international acclaimed experts of wine and food: journalists, bloggers, food and wine critics, authors of books on the subject, and much more. They are all highly experienced, with no aim than visiting incognito the local places and update charts whenever they need it.

Our policy does not accept advertising, sponsorships that will go against our mission. Foodies10Best only responds to its readers. Rest assured that our rankings reflect actually the best you can currently find in the city.

Have fun using our App and share it with your friends and do not forget to feedback through the experience on the premise that you tried.

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