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This app is dedicated to gourmets and foodies alike.
The app was created by Web Reporter from the EU Web Reporter & Creator Register WREP for Italy.
Starting from the city of Rome the app will expand to the rest of Italy.

This app is a totally free guide to curated culinary choices by our selected Food Ambassadors and by using it you’ll know where to find the best of food in Italy: best restaurants, the best places to eat like a local, the best ice cream, top pizzerias, street food, world cuisine and so on…

NOTE: This foodies guide is authentic and not sponsored by restaurants.
This app shows only the places where we are sure you will eat quality food; they are listed in alphabetical order or by distance. We only share what we genuinely appreciate and we don’t accept payments to be included in this guide.

Take advantage of true gourmets’ recommendations, food and fine wine lovers.

Search Foodies10best or “foodies 10 best” in the Apple Store and follow us!

The Web Reporter & Creators Registry

To become Curators / Ambassadors you have to be a certified Wrep Web Reporter. Please contact us for further information if you’d like to be selected.

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