Rainbow Cafè

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Local with themed rooms, books, travel, events. Drinks and tea room. Cooking vegan, vegetarian or traditional. Unconventional food, vegetarian / vegan for 90% and also the Italian dishes are revisited with something ethnic.

Here you can read a book, get advice, listen to soft music, organize theme gastronomic trips and non-events.

From the outside the place looks quite anonymous, uninviting, but inside the door you have the idea of a multi-ethnic pub where, in a few square meters, you can find everything: from the oriental style, to China, and so the greek Street.

Via Giovanni Botero 31,
00179 Rome (Italy)
(appio area claudio – Alban hills)

Discounted parking in via Giovanni Botero 12

Tel: (+39)0645664894 / (+39)3496430316 / (+39)3483003149

Opening Hours:

Monday    5PM–12AM
Tuesday    Closed
Wednesday    5PM–12AM
Thursday    5PM–12AM
Friday    5PM–12:30AM
Saturday    11:30AM–2AM
Sunday    11:30AM–1AM

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