Mio Tramezzino

“Mio Tramezzino” (Trad. My Sandwich) offers every day more than 40 different types of soft tramezzino sandwiches (Shaped triangular smooth bread without crust) from Tuna and Tomato Classics to Vegan with Mayonnaise Soy Milk to get Extra Gourmet as Parmigiana, Tuna to Trapanese.
Why do not you taste our proposals? If you have read this message (through Facebook), the first time you come to our shop you will be recognized a 15% discount on the purchase price of our exceptional sandwiches.

Rainbow Cafè

Local with themed rooms, books, travel, events. Drinks and tea room. Cooking vegan, vegetarian or traditional. Unconventional food, vegetarian / vegan for 90% and also the Italian dishes are revisited with something ethnic.

Move Natural Food

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant, organic-bio-healthy-km0
Small place but cozy, fresh and freshly prepared. Great for a tasty break, I absolutely recommend the wrap and centrifuges!
The restaurant is very small and there are few places to sit …
but if it’s sunny  you may also sit on the stools outside.


Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant & buffet
Buffet, just choose food and then it will be weighed (€ 26 per kg.), so the cost of the meal depends on the weight if you have a lot of hunger is not a cheap restaurant.
For dinner prices not just for everyone but still average.
The wine list can be improved.


Cuisine: Vegetarian, Gastronomy, Contemporary, Soups
Bio-Sphere is an Association of Art Gastronomic Rome that aims to offer its members a different model agro food industry in respect of the time, health and personal needs. Bio-Sphere is a Workshop of Gastronomic Art  where you can eat Excellencies from around the world.

So What?!?

Vegan restaurant. The Owners are a young couple active in vegan food culture for over a decade. In the fall 2013 they opened their own restaurant in Rome, So What ?!  Their main aim is serving good honest food in a casual location. Nothing more, nothing less.