Trapizzino at Testaccio

The Trapizzino is a “sandwich-shaped pizza” with the Romans traditional flavors … like “Grandma” on Sundays. The place is really small (as you would expect from a street food place) so if you want to stop and enjoy the meal on site, it is very difficult to manage to get seated.   To taste:  the traditional rice balls and , of course, the trapizzini … with chicken cacciatore and eggplant parmigiana and others. The choice of flavors is quite narrow, and limited mainly to the traditional Roman cuisine.

I suppli

A pizzeria rotisserie takeaway that we believe preparing one of the best suppli’ (fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella) among that you can taste. A noisy rosticceria is bustling both day and night, they are made very tipcal local street food and many people consider them beautiful!
Great street food in a typical roman style and everything of the popular tradition is served, from eggplant parmesan, pizza and the fried vegetables!
The place is always full of people at lunch time and you have to do a little tail, but it’s worth it!