Armando al Pantheon

Historic restaurant with tasty traditional Roman cuisine, served in a wood-panelled room. Open since 1961
A few meters from the Pantheon, a small restaurant that has been run by the Gargioli family since 1961, offers typical Roman cuisine. We do not recommend you to come here without booking!

Osteria Eufrosino

Typical regional dishes in this tavern in one of the most famous popular quarters in Rome. Eufrosino’s menu changes monthly and generates moments of convivial wellbeing with recipes of territorial imprint, lightened in structure and preparation, but full of history and flavours.

Felice a Testaccio

Since 1936, Roman tradition and cuisine have been the lintels of the restaurant’s success: now is a popular restaurant? a gourmet trattoria? Felice at Testaccio is a family that welcomes you, a comfortable space to relax in, a professional staff to rely on. Pasta Cacio e Pepe has made its way from its historic Roman headquarters in Testaccio to Milan where a second restaurant opens in 2017.