Er Gambero Rotto

Osteria Romana that embodies the authentic flavors of our traditions.
Er Gambero Rotto ( broken shrimp) run the following hours. in winter it is open from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner only and Sunday only for lunch while for the summer from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner only. DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS THROUGH INTERNET SITES BUT ONLY BY TELEPHONE.

Via Garlasco, 140
00166 Roma (Italy)
Tel: +39 3477049414

Opening Hours
Wednesday 19:00 – 23:45
Thursday     19:00 – 23:45
Friday          19:00 – 23:45
Saturday     19:00 – 23:45
Sunday        12:00 – 16:00

Antica Trattoria da Carlone

Casual, tucked-away trattoria for classic Roman pizza & pasta dishes, including its famed carbonara.

Opening Hours:
Monday    Closed
Tuesday    12:15–2:45PM, 7–10:30PM
Wednesday    12:15–2:45PM, 7–10:30PM
Thursday    12:15–2:45PM, 7–10:30PM
Friday    12:15–2:45PM, 7–10:30PM
Saturday    12:15–2:45PM, 7–10:30PM
Sunday    12:15–2:45PM, 7–10:30PM

Trattoria Da Enzo

In the management of Trattoria Da Enzo, they are inspired by the principles set out by Ada Boni, the author of the “Taòlismano della Felicità (Talisman of Happiness)”, in his classic work on Roman cuisine.

Via dei Vascellari, 29
00153 Roma, Italia
Tel: +39 06 581 2260

Opening Hours:
Monday    12:30–3PM, 7:30–11PM
Tuesday    12:30–3PM, 7:30–11PM
Wednesday    12:30–3PM, 7:30–11PM
Thursday    12:30–3PM, 7:30–11PM
Friday    12:30–3PM, 7:30–11PM
Saturday    12:30–3PM, 7:30–11PM
Sunday    Closed