Fish, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Street food, good selection of wines.  Städlin is a bit record store, a bit underground clubs, a bit wine / cocktail bar…
Modern concept that combines a night of music and cuisine to a positive and stimulating environment. The advice for all those who want to spend an evening Underground at 360 degree

Queen Makeda Grand Pub

The Queen Makeda Grand Pub was developed with a goal: to design a new Pub ambient concept.  The Queen Makeda Grand Pub has given a great deal of attention to its haute cuisine Menu and its selection of Beers, all craft produced, and the ambient Design.

Premiata Panineria al Pigneto

Sandwiches, Meet, Codfish, Bread in the Pigneto district, one of Rome’s trendiest quarters of Rome.
Premiata Panineria is all. It is a Italian “place” that most Italian might not be. Its secret is its simplicity: a few selected ingredients and everything, starting with the bread and sauces, handmade.


Farm Food, quality pork meat from farm owners, Craft Beer, Rock Music!
Pork’n’Roll Pub was born by the intention to combine the passion and craft beer experience of  the family tradition that has for years devoted to rearing pigs and handmade salami production, all of course in pure rock style .


Wine-bar (Vineria) & bistrot.
Litro , tr. Liter in english,  is the new winery wine bar (trad. Vineria in italian),  dedicated to the best of the production of natural and biodynamic Italian wine, located in the heart of the  Monteverde vecchio Rome district (Old Monteverde) .It’s open all day from early breakfast to after dinner.
Litro is also a café and a small bistro with a fast high quality food .

Knick Knack Yoda

Street food, Italian, Vegetarian, Pub

Good sandwiches, burgers made instantly staff friendly and welcoming, psychedelic place and especially in the capital of Italy. Music penetrating and unusual with the walls submerged by stickers and photos.